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What Can the Highest Grossing Movies of All Time Tell Us About the Philadelphia Real Estate Market?

Can you name the five highest grossing films of all time? Looking at domestic box office receipts, the top five are: 1   Star Wars: The Force Awakens 937 2015 2   Avatar 761 2009 3   Titanic 659 1997 … Continue reading

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Landlordholm Syndrome

Most people are familiar with the term “Stockholm Syndrome” which refers to psychological symptoms that sometimes occur in victims of a hostage situation.  The term originated in Stockholm, Sweden in the summer of 1973 when gunmen took four bank employees … Continue reading

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What a Beer Run Means to the Future of Real Estate

Early in the morning of Oct. 25th, a truck pulled out of the Anheuser-Busch facility in Loveland, Colorado with 2,000 cases of Budweiser. Nothing seemed unusual, but this trip was anything but routine. This trip was Uber’s first real traffic test of … Continue reading

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We Need a Brand

A French, an American and an Israeli architect are bragging about the architectural accomplishments of their respective countries. To prove whose construction feats are the most impressive, they agree to give each other a tour of their most iconic works.  … Continue reading

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When is a Deal a Deal?

As the office market tightens and landlords’ bargaining leverage increases, tenants need to make sure they understand when they have a deal and when they don’t.  When the market was weaker and competition for space was not as great, it … Continue reading

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Wall Street Journal Highlights Rising Concerns with Conflicts of Interest in Business Transactions

In a March 3, 2016 article in the Wall Street Journal entitled “Firms Ask: Are Our Bankers Conflicted”, the writer, Liz Hoffman, highlights the growing concerns of clients in the mergers and acquisitions arena resulting from advisors who have conflicting, … Continue reading

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Wine, Water and Real Estate Brokers

How much do labels affect our perception of quality? Apparently very much, as shown in study after study. Wine In 2001 a researcher at the University of Bordeaux, the very epicenter of the fine wine world, recruited 54 oenology undergraduates … Continue reading

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Potato Chips and Leasing

We’ve all done it. Opened up a bag of potato chips to find a lot of empty air where the afternoon snack should be. In the food industry there’s a name for all that air. It’s called “Slack Fill”. Food … Continue reading

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How to Stay Within Your Tenant Improvement Budget

“A budget tells us what we can’t afford but it doesn’t keep us from buying it.” William Feather Building out new office space can be somewhat akin to buying a new car.  We have all walked into a car dealership … Continue reading

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Read Your Own Marketing Materials Before Hiring Your Next Advisor

Most well run companies spend a considerable amount of time and effort articulating their values and structuring their companies to provide a competitive advantage to their clients. These values and advantages are clearly reflected in their marketing materials and often … Continue reading

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