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Dual Agency Brokerage Under Attack in California

Mary Smith, a salesperson at ABC Brokerage Company, is the listing agent for space in a building owned by Big Owner. In the marketing flyer for the space, Mary states that the space is 20,500 sf even though she knows … Continue reading

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Office Market: Why Philadelphia’s West Market Corridor Will Stay Strong

A few years ago, a lot of people were pointing to 2017-18 as the time when the Central Business District (CBD) office market might start to soften up, providing relief to tenants who might be looking for space. A “perfect … Continue reading

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The Sins of Our Past May Be Coming Back to Haunt Us

The Great Recession of 2008 seems like a distant memory to many of us.  The Dow Jones is flirting at 20,000 up from a low of 6,300 and the real estate market, which many blame for the demise of the … Continue reading

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How Do You Feel Now?

Your broker just helped you find terrific space in a new building and you’re feeling great about the whole transaction.  He has assured you that he pushed the landlord to the limit and got everything he could have out of … Continue reading

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Bullet Holes and Vacancy

In prior blogs we have discussed the high profit margins that landlords receive on renewal leases. The greater profit is due to the lower costs a landlord incurs in renewing a tenant compared with having to find a new one. … Continue reading

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Why 95% Can Be a Failing Grade in Real Estate

When I was in school and the teacher handed back a test on which I’d received a 95% grade, I felt pretty good. If you have kids who bring home papers with grades of 95%, I bet you feel pretty … Continue reading

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Broker Marketing 101: “Don’t Worry, I’ll Sublet Your Space for You”

Getting new clients in real estate brokerage is a very difficult part of the profession.  Because most companies only need a broker once every five or 10 years, most brokers spend a good portion of their day pounding the phones … Continue reading

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What Presidential Elections Can Teach Us About Conflicts of Interest

You’re reading the paper at your kitchen table when your 14-year-old son, Bobby, plops himself next to you and says excitedly, “Dad, I’ve decided to run for Class President but I need your help.” Beaming with pride you pat him … Continue reading

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Why Changes in Office Design are Helping to Fuel the Apartment Conversion Phenomenon

It’s happening everywhere. Former office buildings are being converted to apartments at an earthshattering pace.  Why now and when will it stop? There are a number of macro-economic reasons for the boom in multi-family development and conversions such as insecurity … Continue reading

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Wine, Water and Real Estate Brokers

How much do labels affect our perception of quality? Apparently very much, as shown in study after study. Wine In 2001 a researcher at the University of Bordeaux, the very epicenter of the fine wine world, recruited 54 oenology undergraduates … Continue reading

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